Monday, January 28, 2008

A tempting story of a Shemale fucking her friend

Lisa is a 25 year old well hung little lady. When you first look at her, you will not believe that beyond that sexy and alluring body lays a cock with balls! Yes! Lisa is a shemale and her perfect girlie body will blow the mind of anyone who will have sex with her.She lived her life as a female and only a handful of people knew that she had a cock bigger than most men.

In high school she had this hot friend that she always fantasizes about but she never had sex and was kind a scared about it.One day, Lisa brought up sex topic with one of her best girl bud and asked her what it felt like and what she liked the best. She looked up at her and said are you hitting on me? Lisa couldn’t believe that she fucking knew. How the hell, did she know that her tight little pussy was running through her mind? She was so scared that she didn’t say anything. That night, her friend came over to her house and they had one hell of a night!She put her hand on Lisa’s lips, with her other hand she grabbed her tit and her nipple was poking out. She tried to tell her that she had a dick, but she pushed harder on her lips and twisted my nipple till she screamed.After some kissing she ripped her short off and took her nipple into her mouth.

Her hand ran her hand down past her belly button and by this time Lisa’s thighs were quivering. She started to tell her again, I have a… she pushed her hand on my mouth and grabbed my crotch. She looked at her and smiled. She started laughing and said you have a cock? Is it real? Lisa couldn’t even say anything she just stood there like a whipped school girl.Her first experience was so damn breath taking. She did things to her that she had not even been able to imagine.

Since then Lisa have fucked guys, girls and just about anything else that will stand still long enough. And so, she’s just simply a hot shemale who loves to fuck!

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